Dingxiang "Blacksmith" to Build Flange Forging Capital of the World

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There have been many blacksmiths in Dingxiang County, Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province since ancient times. Jin Ge, iron horse and forging hammer jingle, through the beacon of history, into a new era of striving for success, Dingxiang blacksmith has already developed from "small iron furnace" manual workshop to "modern" group management. Nowadays, Dingxiang flange forging industry is Dingxiang's traditional industry, characteristic industry, and pillar industry; employees account for "more than half a wall" of the number of employees in the county. It is an indisputable fact to describe the "one-bucket sesame blacksmith" as many blacksmiths; as small as buttons and weighing tens of tons, flange products made by Dingxiang Smart are widely used, the products are exported to dozens of countries and regions such as Europe, America and South Korea, and they have won praise in the international market for carrying the banner of "Made in China" in the forging industry.

, Shanxi Evening News reporters have visited the front line of enterprises in Dingxiang County to understand the historical changes and development of Dingxiang flange forging industry, and to feel the "beating pulse" of the "Dingxiang blacksmith" working hard and working together to build the world flange forging capital in the new era ".

Integration and Reorganization to Build "Joint Aircraft Carrier"

"hit the ground and shook the mountain". On May 9, a reporter from Shanxi Evening News came to the Shacun Industrial Zone in Dingxiang County, the hometown of forging in China. Before entering the courtyard of Shanxi Estenetz Forging Co., Ltd., he truly felt the "shocking pulse of forging". The slogan of "pursuing excellent quality and casting first-class corporate image" on the factory building is amazing. The red fire in the outdoor forging area and the red billet material cast reflect the smiling faces of the workers. The smooth and polished high-precision flange plates in the automatic workshop of the indoor forging machine are lining up for inspection... Workshop inspector Zhang Gaichan said with relief: "I married from outside the county, the husband is" hammered ". We are all employees of flange forging, with an annual income of more than 80,000 yuan. We are living two dolls, and our life is very prosperous."

has many blacksmiths since ancient times. Since the Han Dynasty, making horse palms and cold weapons has become a profession for locals to make a living. There is also a beautiful legend in the market that Dingxiang wants to produce "a bucket of sesame blacksmiths", describing the number of blacksmiths. According to Zhang Hairui, a member of Dingxiang's "old industry" and county government party group, Dingxiang blacksmiths used to forge by hand, and they also used spring hammers and rope hammers in history. In 1963, Zhang Xiaoming, a technician from Dingxiang County's inner village, designed and produced Dingxiang's first "bar hammer" for iron-making, which opened the prelude to the new development of modern Dingxiang forging industry. In 1972, for the first time, Shacun Agricultural Repair Factory took back orders for 4cm flanges from Wuhai Water Pump Factory, opening the history of Dingxiang flange production. In 1979, the county electric machinery factory signed a contract with Japan to export 100 tons of flanges per month, opening the history of Dingxiang flange export.

the rapid development of the flange forging industry in Dingxiang County, by the end of the last century, Dingxiang flange forging enterprises had grown to more than 1200, almost to the development trend of "forging in villages and towns, and blacksmiths in every household. Zhang Hairui said: "The initial large-scale development did bring benefits to the common people. However, with the development of enterprises and the continuous changes in market supply and demand, the contradictions of Dingxiang forging industry, such as' small scattered pollution, 'low price competition and' low efficient', have gradually become prominent. Especially after 2013, there has been a serious overcapacity in the flange industry across the country. Our county has put forward the idea of" integration and reorganization "to ensure the survival and strong development."

After 2015, the Dingxiang County Party Committee and the county government regarded integration and reorganization as the only way for the flange industry to stand out from the tight encirclement, and clarified the "four batches" of integration and reorganization of "supporting the superior and strengthening a group, mergers and acquisitions, joint reorganization of a group, technological transformation and growth, and elimination of a group of backward production capacity". Subsequently, 2 companies including Shanxi Eszenitz Forging Co., Ltd. acquired 5 enterprises and 20 newly formed group companies integrated 68 enterprises, in the end, these 22 "joint aircraft carriers" developed in groups through integration and reorganization, and won a place in the domestic and foreign markets with a new look and strength.

Dingxiang County Party Committee and the county government made a decision and then moved. During this period, they actively worked hard to achieve full coverage of the gas supply network of forging enterprises throughout the county; during the construction process, the pipeline laying and furnace construction were carried out at the same time, and the pipeline was laid to the door of the enterprise. The gas stove was basically completed; in order to promote the smooth progress of the "coal to gas" project, the county party committee and the county government sought funds from the Provincial Economic and Information Commission for energy-saving projects, ensure that the project does not stop due to funding problems, etc. From August 2016 to March 2017, under the strong promotion of the county party committee and county government, the coal-fired forging heating furnaces of all flange enterprises were renovated and rebuilt. As of the end of 2018, 548 forging heating furnaces in the county were all heated by natural gas and electric energy after transformation. The common people have really seen the blue sky and white clouds, the air quality and environmental quality are good, and the living and industrial life of the common people is getting better and better. Enterprises are also beneficiaries. As Dingxiang flange enterprises took the lead in realizing "coal to gas and coal to electricity" among the four major industrial clusters in China, they seized the opportunity. Later, no enterprise was shut down due to imperfect environmental protection procedures and substandard standards.

Carrying the Banner of "China's Intelligent Manufacturing" in Forging Industry

facilities and the branding of products, Dingxiang Flange will go to the world... This is what Shanxi Evening News reporters heard most when interviewing in the Flange Intelligent Manufacturing Park in Hebian Town, Dingxiang County.

On August 8, 2017, the Shanxi Flange Forging Research and Evaluation Base of China's WTO/TBTSPS National Notification and Consultation Center settled in Dingxiang. On September 20, 2017, Shanxi Dingxiang State-level Export Flange Forging Product Quality and Safety Demonstration Zone was successfully established. On December 28, 2017, a national green forging industry demonstration base was successfully established. On June 5, 2018, the China Export Forging Product Quality and Technology Promotion Committee was established in Dingxiang. On July 28, 2018, the national flange forging product quality supervision and inspection center passed the acceptance. In September 2018, the national society service station was settled in Dingxiang. In addition, on September 14, 2017, Dingxiang County became a demonstration county for small and medium-sized micro-enterprises in Shanxi Province. On November 15, 2017, the bonded warehouse and export supervision warehouse of Shanxi Yongwang International Logistics Park were officially listed. On September 5, 2018, Dingxiang County Flange Forging Industry Academician Expert Workstation was inaugurated. On December 20, 2018, Dingxiang County High-end Flange Forging Equipment Technology Research Institute was signed and established. Since then, Dingxiang County has 6 national brands of flange forging industry, 2 provincial brands, 1 academician expert station and 1 high-end flange forging and forming equipment technology research institute. The casting of these ten brand platforms has enabled Dingxiang flange forging to rise rapidly and move towards the world's flange forging capital.

"bar hammer" is gradually transformed and upgraded to "electro-hydraulic hammer", free forging is gradually developing to die forging and ring rolling process... Along the way, on the basis of the establishment of the top ten brand platforms, the flange forging industry in Dingxiang County has established the "four paths" of upgrading low-end flanges to high-end flanges, transforming flanges to forgings, transforming forged steel flanges to titanium and aluminum-magnesium alloy flanges, and transforming parts to parts to complete machines. The forging industry in the county is developing rapidly. The special die for precision forging of Shanxi Weiyesheng Precision Forging Co., Ltd. is accurate to two decimal points after millimeters; the aluminum-magnesium alloy military flange produced by Guanli Group is used in the cutting-edge field of national defense... The trademark of Dingxiang Tianbao can be seen everywhere in the wind power assembly field of the European coast; on the oil city of Houston and the oil production platform wellhead of the Gulf of Mexico, dingxiang Guanjiaying's brand name is in the eye... As small as buttons and weighing tens of tons, the flange products of "Dingxiang Zhizao" are widely used, and the products are exported to dozens of countries and regions such as Europe, America and South Korea. In the international market, they carry the banner of "China Zhizao" in the forging industry... In the interview, they have gained all kinds of information, let the reporter feel gratified and proud of the ups and downs and achievements of Dingxiang flange forging industry.

interview, the reporter of Shanxi Evening News always felt the "beating pulse" of the new era "Dingxiang blacksmith" working hard and united to build the world's flange forging capital ". On March 2 this year, Dingxiang County Magistrate Wang Jianfeng said in the government work report: "In 2019, Dingxiang County will comprehensively upgrade the flange forging industry. Focus on the 'six upgrades' as a breakthrough, comprehensively promote the flange forging industry to a new record high. One is the concept upgrade; the second is the management upgrade; the third is the standard upgrade; the fourth is the technology upgrade; the fifth is the platform upgrade; the sixth is the capital upgrade." Dingxiang flange forging industry will reach a new level, and a world flange forging capital is quietly rising. Reporter Guo Xiaoqiang Correspondent Yang Yifeng

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