Analysis on Existing Problems and Development Prospect of China's Forging Industry in 2020

Shanxi Hongli Flange Forging Co., Ltd    Analysis on Existing Problems and Development Prospect of China's Forging Industry in 2020

China Business Intelligence Network News: driven by national policy support and market development, the scale of China's forging industry has steadily ranked first in the world. With the rapid development of the equipment manufacturing industry, my country's forgings output continues to remain high. In 2018, my country's forgings output reached 12.0811 million tons, and it has become the world's largest producer and consumer of forgings for many years. China Business Industry Research Institute predicts that China's forging production will reach 13.56 million tons in 202020.

Data sources: China Forging Association and China Business Industry Research Institute

Forging Industry

(1) Lack of scale advantage and industrial chain synergy

there are a large number of forging enterprises in China, most of them have small production scale, relatively backward equipment, low technical level, low industry concentration and fierce market competition, which can not achieve significant scale effect. However, some enterprises lack equipment and technology, through price-oriented vicious competition, disrupt the normal market order and affect the development and progress of the industry.

(2) The upstream new material research and development capacity is weak and the production level is uneven.

upstream special steel industry are uneven, and the understanding of the research and development of new materials and the improvement of material size and performance stability is not outstanding enough, and there is still a certain gap compared with the world's advanced level. At present, there is still a big gap between China's raw materials for high-end forgings in aviation, aerospace and other fields and foreign developed countries, and some of the raw materials even rely on imports, which greatly affects the development of China's forging industry.

(3) The technical level of high-end forgings is relatively backward.

the structural contradictions of China's forging industry are relatively prominent, and the international competitiveness of high-end forgings is relatively weak. Due to the shortage of relevant professional and technical personnel, the shortage of expert talents, the lack of young professionals, and the insufficient accumulation of material databases, the development of high-end forging technology is restricted.

Forging Industry

(1) Active support of industrial policy

Based on the basic position of the forging industry in the national economy, since the reform and opening up, the government and industry authorities have given strong policy support. The state has promulgated the "Outline of the 13th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development", which proposes to focus on improving the innovation and basic capabilities of the manufacturing industry, promote the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology, and promote the manufacturing industry to high-end, Smart, green, and service development, and cultivate new competitive advantages in the manufacturing industry. The "Tenth Five-Year Plan for the Development of China's Forging Industry" proposes that automation, informatization and digitalization of the forging industry in the next five years are the key development directions of the industry.

(2) The demand for national defense construction continues to drive the development of the industry.

With the promotion of my country's status as a major country, the current international structure is changing, my country's surrounding political and economic environment is also becoming more complicated, and various unstable factors frequently appear. In recent years, China has continuously increased its investment in national defense, with a national defense expenditure of 1189.656 billion yuan in 2019. It is predicted that the defense budget will spend 1268.005 billion and increase 6.6% in 2020. With the changes in the international situation in recent years, in order to improve my country's ability to respond to changes in the international situation, my country needs to continue to strengthen national defense investment to ensure my country's modernization and national security. The increase in defense investment will increase the demand for military equipment, thus driving the development of the military forging industry.

(3) Technology Development and Qualification Certification Promote Industrial Upgrading

In recent years, under the guidance of a series of national encouragement policies, the forging industry has adhered to the R & D model of combining foreign introduction and independent innovation, and formed a batch of high-end forging products with independent intellectual property rights. The overall technical level of the forging industry has been steadily improved. It has promoted the development of my country's forging industry in the direction of high-end.

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